Escape Route

I have this quirk: Whenever I am at the bank or a convenience store, I have a tendency to look for the nearest exits or back doors to go to in case of a robbery/hold-up. I’m not exactly scared to go these places but I become more aware of the possibility that it could happen, especially during the night. I know it’s weird.

At the same time, my so-called fears are not unfounded, there had been many cases of convenience stores hold-up reported in the past. Last year or early this year (not sure), a teenager was killed by a thief who stole the money on the teen’s family-owned convenience store. It is very saddening to hear such a senseless killing. It’s true, he could’ve easily given the money. But I guess, when he was trying to protect that money, he was probably thinking that he was protecting his family indirectly.

Most of the jobs I had involved dealing with money. And everytime I get hired, one of the first things that my manager would tell me is that in case of robbery, don’t resist, give the damn money, your life is more important. Some people think that it’s not fair to just give-in to the demands of a thief and that it will just encourage them to steal more. Of course, it isn’t fair but in there event where a knife/gun pointing you? I don’t think that’s the right venue for a debate. In fact, I agree. I’d rather lose all my material possessions than get hurt or worse. Also, I don’t think that surrendering your money to a thief itself would encourage people to steal. It involves more than the financial need sometimes. Social, physical and mental dimensions of that person has to be taken into consideration as well.

It could also be that I’ve been watching too much CSI and Law and Order. Either way, it’s not hurting me, it’s not hurting anyone. I’m just looking for an exit.


5 Responses to “Escape Route”

  1. duke Says:

    I do the same thing. I check for the nearest exits all the time. I’m such a girl scout – laging handa 😉

  2. Alfa Mercado Says:

    This post reminded me of a movie wherein a ninja kid (I’m not sure) has to always find at least 10 things that he can use to kill an offender whenever he enters any room. I’ve adopted the same habit din. Hehehe.

  3. Karen Says:

    duke: glad to hear i’m not alone. hehe. btw, i didn’t have to “de-spam” you this time. congratulations ;).

    alfa: which habit, my habit or the ninja kid’s? hehe.

  4. Alfa Mercado Says:

    both habits hehe..

  5. jamie Says:

    Just searching on google and found your site. It was ranked fairly high on google to. Anyway just looking around to see why.

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