Karen, Karen Labandera

Dial away to cleanliness.In my house, I am in charge of doing the laundry. It’s funny when I think about how my friends and relatives back in the Philippines reacted to this little news. They probably thought I was just kidding around. I can’t blame them because I was the laziest person I knew back then. Plus, we had household help and the only thing I ever did that remotely resembled a chore was wash my own undies. (I think it’s disgusting to ask other people to wash your underwear). It was when we moved here in Canada without any help that we –the whole family– learned to fend for ourselves. Being the señorita that I was, I really had a hard time learning (eventhough I didn’t have to handwash everything), but what can I do, right?

Fastforward to the present times, I can now say I’m a “pro” when it comes to the laundry department. It may sound weird to some, but I truly enjoy the whole process of sorting clothes down to the folding. Collecting dirty clothes from every bedroom is not part of my “job description.” I’d tell ahead them when I’ll be doing the laundry and it would be up to them whether or not they bring their clothes down the laundry room. If they didn’t and I was already done, too bad for them. They’d have to wait until next time or wash it themselves. However, I only do that to my siblings, I always check my parents’ bedroom for such.

My first job was in a factory folding fabric and ready them for cutting. It was a intricate job, you had to have a goodeyes and they all had to be the same after it was cut. If not, then it would be your fault. It was easy if you were working on plain ones, but you had to be really careful doing the ones with designs. Anyway, this trained me to be a better folder. Everything had to be the same size and length and they all had to be lined straight. One time my Ate Noning (a family friend who’s staying with us) folded the clothes that were sitting on the couch while watching TV and I refolded them after she was done (she does not know this!). Don’t get me wrong, she did an awesome job, but I’m weird that way.

1Last month, our dryer broke down. I already saw it coming because both the washer and dryer came with the house that we purchased and they were pretty old. It wasn’t totally broken, it’s just that it takes a couple of cycles for the batch to dry, sometimes more. I was just worried that the electric bill will go skyrocketing on us so I told my parents about it and purchased a new set at Sears. It took a week for the set after we bought it to be delivered (out of stock, I guess) and I haven’t done the laundry a couple of weeks before that. I’ve been holding out until the new one arrived because, yes, it was sunny out and I could just hang to dry, but I am not that nice. It is such a big hassle to do that. I live in a 4-split-level house, which means lots of stairs to deal with. I did not want to carry it upstairs (wet clothes = heavy) and then go out the kitchen door, go to the backyard and hang in there. There’s a deck connecting the master’s bedroom, but I won’t dare go in there with anything wet. My mom will kill me if her hardwood floors get messed up. And even if she won’t, I really don’t think that’s a good idea. Anyway, our washer and dryer finally came, thank goodnes. I just finished doing 3-weeks worth of laundry.

I am in charge for now…but I’m gradually teaching Kat-Kat (the youngest, other siblings know how already) how to do the laundry. Thirteen is not a bad age to start. Sometimes I think it should even be earlier.

2 Responses to “Karen, Karen Labandera”

  1. Alfa Mercado Says:

    Whoah! May wordpress blog kana rin pala.

    I wish kaya ko rin maglaba! 😦 Actually tamad lang ako ehehe.

  2. kontrabida Says:

    ei, delle. oo nga may wordpress na ako. mas maganda pala dito, lol. wala lang akong choice kaya natuto akong malaba. pero never mo akong mapapag-hand wash. allergic kasi ako sa laundry detergent at saka ang hirap nun, ah.

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