St. Boniface Cathedral

 Two Saturdays ago, Bass and I drove over to St. Boniface (“home” of the Franco-Manitoban Community) and took some pictures at the ruins of St. Boniface Cathedral. On our way there, I was getting trigger happy and kept snapping pictures of everything I saw. Bass was teasing me and calling me a tourist. When we got there, there was bus parked by the street and wouldn’t you know it, it was bringing a big group of tourists with their cameras hanging on their neck and taking pictures of everything. That was funny. We decided to go across the street first and go by the river because it was a little bit crowded. When we got across the street, a couple and a professional photographer doing a wedding pictorial. And no, I did not take pictures of them. We took some pictures there as well. We almost rode on one of the “free boats” that goes around the Red River, but we were staring to get hungry and we haven’t taken pictures of the cathedral yet.  

After a while and futile attempt to have my picture taken on a perfect jump, we decided to go back and take pictures. I did not want to take pictures of the headstones although some of them are very ornate and nicely done. But still, I felt like I was intruding dead people in their “resting place.” I ended up taking a very far shot, though. 

More pictures HERE.

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