Animal Lover

Correction: almost an animal lover. I love fishies (I think that’s quite evident with my past entries about my goldfish and my fish tanks). I really really love dogs, I’ve been dreaming of having a big-fat-lazy-hairy dog (like a St. Bernard or an Old English Sheepdog or even a Golden Retriever) as a pet. I will for sure get one when I have my own place, for the meantime I’ll just whine whenever I see a dog or think about a dog. Yes, that’s how obssessed I am to have a canine friend. I find llamas (and other animals that I can’t really have as pets) very cute. I’m not into reptiles though. And I absolutely hate snakes. I’m actually scared of them. Just thinking about them or even seeing a picture of them give me goosebumps. Eww! 

Yesterday, Bass and I went to Petland hoping that Mitzie (the dog that  we walked a couple of weeks back) would still be there so we could walk her again. Unfortunately, she wasn’t there anymore (hopefully she found a good home). There was only one dog that we could walk. But we decided not to; she did not look well-behaved. We just decided to look around the store. We asked the sales associates if it was okay for us to take pictures and they agreed to. I turned off the flash because I did not want to scare them.

I took a picture of the dogs as expected. There were 2 cages with  dogs: one cage with a toy poodle and miniature dachshund (sp?) and the other with two dachshund. I’m not really into small dogs (esp. chihuahuas), but dachshunds I can live with. They’re so cute with their tiny little legs. Walking these dogs could be a breeze. You can walk as slowly as you’d like and they will still run because they have such tiny legs. I don’t know exactly how much they were going for but I betcha it’s not gonna be cheap. 

I was going to take pictures of the fish that they had there but one of the guys working there had a snake draped on his body. I turned around and walked away. Bass even told me that there was also a girl who also worked there with another snake. There was no way I’d go in there and I didn’t. Bass was telling me that they were not gonna go near me anyway, he even offered to ask them to put the snakes away but I still refused. No way. Even if you’d pay me I won’t go in there. 

Well, it depends on how much. Kidding! (Click HERE for more pictures).  

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