Past, Ex and Present

Originally posted in on June 29, 2006.

MP is my friend in highschool. Although most of the time our friendship evolved around the campus, we also had a weird relationship: She dated my cousin, I briefly dated hers — along time ago, may I add. I graduated highschool a year ahead than she did. I guess that was when our friendship started to, um, drift apart. [break]

JP is my ex-boyfriend.

The night before Ryan left for Canada, I received a text message from MP. I didn’t see the message right away and it was a bit late when I replied. I didn’t get a reply until the following morning. We exchanged “hellos” and “how-are-yous,” and then she finally asked if I was angry at her and JP.

Oh, by the way, they’re married. To each other. They have a son.

See, now I got your attention, didn’t I?

And I told what I’ve been telling people all along: I was never angry at them even for second. I don’t blame her for asking, though. A lot of people thinks thaft she stole him from me and that they were already together while JP and I are still an item.

It wasn’t fair for all of us but I guess that’s how gossip works, eh? It wasn’t fair for me, I am minding my own business here. But I guess it was more unfair for them to be accused of betrayal.

I was being honest to her when I told her I was mad at the two of them. Everything that happened between all of us is all part of the past. Period. But she still asked if I was willing to meet with the two of them, they still want to talk to me. I immediately agreed, I haven’t seen them for a while. It’s not that I miss them or anything, but for old time’s sake, why not?

That was a Tuesday. Since me and my family be staying in Manila for a couple of days, we decided to meet that Friday. The stay in Manila took longer than expected, I was ready to cancel, but by 12 in the afternoon we were already on our way home so I decided not to anymore. We were supposed to meet at 2pm in SM (Sn Fernando), it was moved at 3pm, since I won’t be able to make it.

Kristine (with our cousin King) walked me to them, not because of anything but of her curiosity on as to what their son looks like. Lol.

So there we were. I said hello and played with their kid. Good thing they brought him, he was a good ice breaker. Lol. Plus, he’s so cute. We had a late lunch at Mc Donald’s. We met right infront of McDonald’s so I guess we just went there becausice nobody wanted to suggest where else to go. We talked, chatted, laughed, we never did talk about why we met in the first place, but at least I was able to show that I was never really mad at them.

I was sort of reluctant to ask about JPs family. I just did not want to sound too familiar. I did not want to rub it in that I knew his family and that we had a history. But it’s a fact, we had a history. I am even his nephew’s godmother, ya know. So I thought it was just polite to ask how he was doing and everything.

We walked around the mall, we shopped. I even bought their kid a pair of shoes and socks. I am not exactlhy a baby-person, but I find baby things adorable. I had fun shopping for baby stuff!

Is that my biological clock ticking? Nah…don’t think so. My mom wishes. You see her grandma clock is already ticking. Lol. C`mon you have to admit baby stuff are cute!

After a while, MP’s mom joined us (she has a real estate thingy located at the mall). I’ve always liked Tita N, she’s always been nice to me. Sometimes I think that we were even better friends than MP and I had been. Not that I’m insinuating that MP had been a bad friend to me.

Anyway, when it was time to go. I said goodbye with the promise that I’ll hang out with them again if I still have time. I kissed their baby and left.

After that I’ve been so busy that I did not have time to meet up with them again. I did not even have time to meet with my barkadas to hang out again.

Oh, well…maybe next time. Maybe there’s gonna be baby #2 by then.

Will I be a godmother? Hahaha. That’s a funny thought.

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