When No Means No

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A couple of days ago, I got a call from some guy looking for my parents. When I told him they’re not home, he started talking to me. Turned out he was offering a free phone. I asked what the catch was, and he told me I had to sign at least 1-year contract. As much as I would like to get the free phone and as much as I’d like to say yes to a Sony Ericsson P900, I also did not want to be tied in a contract. But yeah, I continued talking to him because I worked in a call centre before and I knew how it felt like to be on the other line, you know? [break]

I was starting to get convinced and at least let them send me the phone. But I flat out refused to give him my licence number even if it was for identification purposes only. Ah, this was when he started to annoy me. He kept on yammering about how trustworthy they are and that we FIlipinos should stick together…etc (Not the exact words but to that effect).

Yeah, right…I’m going to trust people I haven’t seen yet. So what if we’re both Filipinos? I hate it when people play the ethnicity card.

Anyway, I told him I don’t give out that kind of info on the phone. I told him if he’d like, call my parents during the morning. He was really getting on my nerves at this point because he wanted me to say yes in behalf of my parents. I told him I’m not comfortable to do that. He said he understood but was still pushing for his product. I was so close on hanging up, but I did not want to do that. Finally, we hung up.

I don’t know if he called back yesterday, but today I picked up the phone and there he was asking how am I doing.

Why me? I was happily munching peanuts while checking my mail when the phone rang. I looked at the TV to check out who was calling (our cable provider has this neat feature where the caller ID pops up on the upper right hand corner of your TV screen whenever there’s a phone call). From the ring of the phone, I knew it was a long distance call. Hmn…it said the area code was 604. I thought it was my cousin from Toronto, I picked up, and there he was the annoying guy. Big mistake.

Moral Lesson: 604 is the area code for British Columbia not Ontario.

So there he was again. I was losing my patience, I told him off the bat that I’m not interested (anymore). That I told him if he wanted to talk to my parents, call in the morning. But he was so makulit (annoying + persistent), very unprofessional, so yeah I finally told him off.

I think I now developed a phobia for P900s.

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